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I’m Shaw

My chinny-chin-chin

I’m a multidisciplinary designer specialising in type design and digital interactivity. These two are not as far apart as they might seem, and for me they sit at either end of the design spectrum.

It’s all related

I see type design is the purest application of graphic fundamentals: principles such as proportion, rhythm and balance are employed in crafting both the individual glyph and the typeface as a whole, using only black and white shapes.

Graphic design calls upon many of these same principles while adding colour, image and language to the toolkit, expanding possibilities into composition, hierarchy and reading.

From here we add time, giving us animation and exploding the capacity for personality and engagement, while affording new methods for directing the eye and building narrative.

Beyond this, the viewer becomes the user as they are provided control over that time, and we have interaction. The arrangement of multiple interactions into branching paths of sequences gives an experience.

I’ll stop waffling.

I’m here

You can find my typefaces in various states of release over at Neither Bureau, some code and projects on the public page, and my video stuff over here. I also sometimes make noise and I’m based in Osaka for the moment.

I’d love to hear from you: